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EV Charging Station Online Store

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ev chargers

EV Charging Installers of America offers all the superior home and commercial name-brand products you are looking for. We carry and install a full line of EV Charging equipment for your home, business, and multi-tenant properties.

Clipper Creek Charging Stations - Single Mount & Dual Mount

  • HCS-40
  • HCS-50
  • LCS-20
  • LCS-20P
  • LCS-30
  • ProMountDuo – Dual mount pedestal for 1 or 2 ClipperCreek or Tesla EVSE, rugged for parking lots


  • Turbodock – For workplace, commercial, multi-tenant, can add charging stations later
  • Turbocord- Portable EV Charger, compact with lockable outdoor cover kit
  • EVSE-RS 32A EV Charging Station – outdoor rated, ADA compliant, optional network communication
  • JuiceBox Pro 40 – Portable WiFi 40-Amp EVSE with 24-ft cable

If you are interested in commercial electric vehicle charging stations for your business, please call EV Charging Installers of America at 855-373-9566 or complete our online request form.