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News & Info on EV Charging Stations

Check out the most recent articles from EV Charging Installers of America LLC for news and information on EV charging stations, finding the right electric vehicle chargers for your needs, and more.

Electric Cars, Gasoline Cars, and the Environment

ev charging stations new jerseyAlthough some controversy surrounds the claim that electric cars are more eco-friendly than gasoline cars, studies show that when performing a “cradle to grave” assessment, electric cars, which are charged at an EV charging station rather than filled with fuel, are more efficient and inflict less harm on the environment than gasoline cars. … Read More

How To Get a Safe, Fast, and Thorough Installation for EV Charging Stations in New Jersey

ev charging stations new jerseyMaybe you're purchasing a brand new electric car, or maybe you've decided it's finally time to install that Level 2 charger for an EV you've had for some time. No matter what the situation is, it's important that when you're having a new electric vehicle charging station installed at your home … Read More

New Jersey EV Chargers: What is a Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Charger?

level 2 ev chargers new jerseyElectric cars are growing in popularity more rapidly than any other type of car in the industry. At some point, vehicles powered by electricity will be the standard of the automotive industry, and it's important that the infrastructure in the U.S. changes as the rise in electric vehicles requires it to. Electric cars save energy, promote health, and are environmentally friendly, so they can offer a number of great benefits … Read More

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New Jersey for Commercial Properties

electric vehicle charging stations new jerseyElectric vehicles are rapidly increasing in popularity across the U.S., but before there can be a widespread transition to electric car usage, there needs to be a sufficient network of EV charging stations in order to create more convenience and get rid of range anxiety for potential owners … Read More

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