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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Car Dealerships & Car Rental Facilities

Car Dealershipsand Rentals EV Charging Stations New JerseyAs the owner and/or operator of a car dealership, you know how rapidly sales of electric vehicles have increased, and car dealers across the country have a unique opportunity to tap into a new and growing market. Our professionals can install high-grade electric vehicle charging stations at your car dealership to give drivers access to charging at your facility and to allow you to quickly and easily charge your own merchandise.

The professional electricians at EV Charging Installers of America can work with you to select the perfect model of electric vehicle charger and provide you with the highest quality installation possible.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Chargers at Car Dealerships

If you sell electric cars at your dealership, keeping them well-charged for potential buyers is very important, but the Level 1 chargers included with these vehicles can take up to 24 hours to provide a full charge. With Level 2 chargers at your dealership, you'll be able to fully charge vehicles within a few hours, so they'll always be ready for your customers.

EV chargers are also a great way to attract customers, who will be more than happy to use your charging stations while they browse your other vehicles. Drivers of electric vehicles are enthusiastic about cars, and they're exactly the type of customer that dealerships are eager to attract.

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Car Rental Facilities

When customers rent electric cars, they need them to be fully charged. If you install electric vehicle charging stations at your car rental facility, you'll be able to quickly provide your electric vehicles with a full charge. EV Charging Installers of America will be able to help you choose the perfect kind of charger for your facility, and we'll make sure that they are all totally effective and efficient.

If you are interested in commercial electric vehicle charging stations for your business, please call 855-373-9566 or complete our online request form.

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