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Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New Jersey for Commercial Properties

electric vehicle charging stations new jerseyElectric vehicles are rapidly increasing in popularity across the U.S., but before there can be a widespread transition to electric car usage, there needs to be a sufficient network of electric vehicle charging stations in New Jersey in order to create more convenience and get rid of range anxiety for potential owners.

At EV Charging Installers of America, one of our company's goals is to help create the necessary infrastructure for the future of electric vehicles, and installing electric vehicle charging stations at commercial properties throughout New Jersey and the Northeastern U.S. is one of the ways that we hope to achieve that.

Property owners and managers should consider adding EV chargers to their properties. Being an early adopter of this technology could have some great benefits, some of which include:

1. Tenant Attraction and Retention

Offering a way for EV owners to charge their cars is a direct way for property owners and managers to attract and retain tenants who own electric cars. Hosting EV charging stations at a multi-resident property is visible way to let tenants know that you or your property management company has environmentally friendly values and can provide them great amenities.

This may help contribute to a green image that attracts and retains tenants who share these values.

2. Employee Attraction and Retention

Buildings and companies that offer commercial electric vehicle charging stations in New Jersey may be able to attract and retain employees who would like to be able to charge their vehicles during the workday. Even if many employees don't drive electric vehicles, it can be important to them to see that their employer is proactive with transportation planning and meeting their needs.

3. Charging Stations Are Competitive Ways To Differentiate Your Company

As more and more consumers begin to use electric vehicles, drivers will begin to choose to shop where they can also recharge their electric cars. Allowing your customers to shop where they can also recharge their cars will set you apart from your competition and attract a number of customers to your facilities. Longer dwell-time at a retail location can also translate to an increase in sales. The convenience of being able to use an electric vehicle charger while shopping may also encourage some people to choose your location over another.

4. Positive Environmental Impact

While this is a secondary benefit that doesn't directly benefit your business, EVs have a very positive impact on the the environment, and installing electric vehicle charging stations on your commercial property will help your company contribute to a healthier environment. Electric vehicles reduce tailpipe exhaust and use fewer limited resources than traditional automobiles.

There are many benefits to installing EV charging stations on commercial properties, and our New Jersey electric vehicle charging stations expert will be happy to provide you with more information about these great benefits. We can also assist you in choosing the right electric vehicle charging stations for your property, ensure prompt, reliable service from the intial installation to any future repair or maintenance work needed.

If you are interested in learning more about commercial electric vehicle charging stations in New Jersey, then please call 855-373-9566 or complete our online request form.